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The ‘e-power’ of Pim

Eindhoven native launches e-step with southern neighbors

Pim van de Walle (22) is working in a disciplined way towards his own international success with his company PWRDBYPIM (Powered by Pim). Last week the Eindhoven native launched the e-step Steppi to the Flemish. And there is more.

Doing an internship in your own company, Van de Walle did it. Why learn from someone else when you can learn from yourself? Almost to his own surprise, there are now twenty employees on his work floor at the Torenallee; four of them are salaried employees, including his right-hand man Krishian Visser (23), the others are freelancers and interns. They work on the company PWRDBYPIM, which includes six private limited companies.

Van de Walle’s entrepreneurial adventure began 1.5 years ago from another internship at Pon, a company that supplies mobility products worldwide. ,,In construction, people sometimes work with machines they don’t know very well so they often call what to do. I thought that could be done smarter, so I made the app Construction Support where they can solve the problem themselves via a smart question-answer tree. “That became a success. The owner of Pon advised Van de Walle to start his own business soon and took him to Sweden a week later. “The next day I sold the platform to three countries. By now we are operating worldwide, soon also in Chile, Argentina, South Africa.”

Then Van de Walle was asked if he could also build a webshop. Yes, but I had never done it. I am self-taught in the field of IT but I managed to snare ’the Messi of IT’, a student at TU/e. We now build web shops and sites for all kinds of companies.” These business activities fall under the PIM Digital company. There is also the Real Estate Support branch, an application for property managers to reduce the pressure on their service departments. Together with an investor, a pilot is now running. In two months the app should go live.

Insured stepping

Last week the Flemish people were introduced to its Steppi, a collapsible e-step on a subscription basis. While flyering through Ghent, Antwerp and Leuven, they managed to secure forty orders in three days, according to their own words. People can choose from three Segway models and depending on the model, you pay a fixed amount between 35 and 50 Euros per month. Theft, damage, third party insurance is taken care of. If you have any damage we will provide you with a new scooter within 24 hours. We are aiming at people who make the ‘last mile’ on the scooter. People who travel to work by public transport or park their car on the outskirts of the city and cover the last mile by e-step.” Afraid that the scooters will be irritatingly dumped or demolished, as happens in foreign countries where the e-step is already allowed, Van de Walle is not. Vandalism is for your own account, there is also a track and trace on the scooter so you watch out. You don’t demolish your own car.”

In the Netherlands, the electric scooter is officially not allowed on the public roads. Regulations are still pending. But Van de Walle also seems to have found a temporary solution for this. We don’t want to lease E-steps like in Belgium as long as the law doesn’t allow it. But anyone who buys a scooter from us can take out third-party insurance with a major insurer through us. We are unique in this. Your scooter also gets an insurance plate.”

Still, it is not an approved means of transport on public roads, van de Walle acknowledges. ,, It is an interim solution. I really believe in e-mobility and the insurer with us an illegal means of transport on public roads acknowledges van de Walle.

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