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Steppi FAQ

Do you have some questions about Steppi? Find your answered question down below in our FAQ.

Is your question not here?

I have a question about the service

Yes, the address is: Carrer de Sant Pau 1,46002

Valencia, Spain

You can easily order a Steppi through the official Steppi website. Click on ‘order now’ above!

Steppi is currently only available in Valencia, Spain.

If your Steppi is broken, you can contact us. The employees of Steppi will help you as soon as possible. After this we will make sure you will have a new Steppi back.

Then contact us directly! The Steppi employees will help you immediately.

No, you are always welcome to visit our store.

No, if you do this you can can break your Steppi. Please let us handle this!

When you log in to your page, below extras you will find the option to purchase a lock for your Steppi.

Yes, it is possible! The person in charge must sign fort his.

Yes, you can have the Steppi exchanged in our store in Valencia.

Should your Steppi need repair, we will make sure you get a new Steppi as soon as possible.

No, it is not possible to take your Steppi to any other city!

Yes, you can have the Steppi exchanged in our store in Valencia.

Yes, your Steppi is insured against theft.

The Steppi is equipped with a loqater, loqater is a small GPS that is only switched on when the Steppi is stolen. When the Steppi is stolen we can trace the it with the loqater team. This GPS does not transmit anything except when it is activated by locater when the Steppi is lost/stolen. No data is collected.

Yes, contact us directly. Then we will help you with the declaration.

No this is not allowed due to insurance and warranty issues.

There is a user manual included with your Steppi.

I have a question about the use

The Steppi is only to be used by persons who are 16 years or older.

Yes, the helmet is included.

Yes, a helmet is mandatory. This is included when renting a Steppi

No, you can lock your Steppi through the Segway-Ninebot app. Furthermore, you can purchase your own lock to safely leave your Steppi anywhere.

The person who rents the Steppi

Unfortunately not, Steppi is easily recognized by the green/black colors.

The app can be installed in the Google Play and App Store. Here you will find a lot of information about controlling your Steppi.

No, a lock costs €5 per day

I have a question about the Steppi

Step 3km/h, then stand on the Steppi and accelerate with the gas pedal to the desired speed. If you step slower than 3km/h the accelerator pedal will not be activated and you cannot accelerate.

The Steppi is equipped with an LED front light, and through the Segway-Ninebot app you can adjust the color of the lights on the bottom of your Steppi to suit your needs.

If they do not rebound, check if there is resistance somewhere between the handle and the pedal. There should be 5mm between them, if so adjust this. Another possibility is that the screw of the tablet is too tight, adjust this.

We chose solid tires so you don’t have to worry about a flat tyre!

Solid tires were chosen for the longevity of the electric scooter. We want to make sure that you can hit the road without any worries. With rubber tires filled with air, the tire can deflate and you will not be able to continue your journey. We prevent this by using solid tires.

Front wheel: 8 inch

Rear wheel: 7.5 inch

Check and tighten the screws on the front and rear axle. Does this not work? Always contact us!

First, check if the charger has any problems. Connect the charger to the power supply and do not connect to the device. Check if the LED is not lit or is red (green means good), If it is red or not lit the problem is with the charger. If the charger is working properly but still cannot charge, the battery may be too low, please contact us at Steppi.

Turn on the unit, push the unit forward and lift the front wheel, and press the electric throttle, the wheel will now roll, press the electric brake check if the wheel can be braked. Does this not work? Please contact us at Steppi.

If there is an “S” on the dashboard, just double-click the on/off button to change the speed mode.

If the connection is good, then it means the control board or dashboard is functioning abnormally, contact us at Steppi.

Could be caused by a control board, electric throttle or hub motor, another possibility is that the current speed is less than 3 km/ h. Do you think something is broken? Please contact us at Steppi.

This will possibly be a technical problem. Contact us to resolve this as soon as possible

Check that the LED lights in the app are on. If one of the strips does not light, check if the connection is stable or move the bad strip to the good side, if it still does not work, it means the LED strip is defective. If two LED strips both don’t light, first check the connection, if the connection is okay, it may be caused by the spring cable. LED strip is broken and needs to be replaced. Repairs can be indicated on your account. More wrong or need help? Contact us at Steppi.

After 500 recharges, the capacity of the battery may have a reduction. Road driving, weight, road situation and temprature will also lead to reduction.

There are 3 modes: Sport mode, Normal mode and Eco mode (speed limited) Sport mode: red “S” icon (high power/speed but lower endurance) Normal mode: white “S” icon (medium power/speed/endurance) Eco mode: no “S” icon (low power/speed but higher endurance), suitable for beginners.

Open folded switch: step on the foot mat, hold the lever and push forward until you hear the “click”, which means the switch is locked. Closed switch: hold the lever and push backwards, step on the folded switch at the same time and then pull the handle up.

Press the electric brake and electric throttle down and press the bottom of the motor at the same time and turn the unit off. When you turn it on again, the password will be reset.

The Ninebot app is available for Android (requires Android 4.3 or higher) and Apple smartphones (requires iOS 8.0 or higher. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch): Ninebot app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Left/right 60°.

The Segway ES4 (STEPPI PRO) is the model currently in stock.

I have a question about payments

You can choose between a daily and monthly subscription.

Yes, because while your Steppi is being repaired you are already getting a new Steppi.

You can take out a Steppi subscription per full month.

This is done directly after ordering your Steppi

This happens every month on the date you ordered your Steppi, in your account on the Steppi site you can see in how many days the payment will be taken off.

No, we use only monthly payments

We don’t have a student discount for Steppi yet.

No, this is not possible. Please contact us as soon as possible.

On the website, you can pay with: iDEAL, credit card, PayPal and Direct Debit. In the store you can pay with your debit card.

No, this is not possible.

Yes, this will be sent along automatically.

For this you can login to the website and you can changed there your payment information.

How annoying! Please contact us and we will help you.

I have a question about cancellation
or changing my subscription

When you log in to the website, you can cancel your subscription by yourself.

Please contact our customer service as soon as possible and we will help you more.

Yes, for this you can go to the website and log in with your own account. Here you can change your subscription.

We apply a notice period of 1 month.

I have a question about signing up

On the website you will find a “log in” button at the top right where you can create an account

If you take out a subscription, a Steppi will be made ready for shipment immediately. If you prefer to pick up the Steppi you should indicate this in advance by phone or email.

The Steppi may have had a previous owner, we will make sure the Steppi is shipped as good as new so you can enjoy your Steppi to the fullest.

10:00 – 12:30
17:30 – 20:00

I have a question about the opening hours of the store

Our store is open every day between:

10:00 – 12:30
17:30 – 20:00

Our customer service team is available 24/7.