Are electric scooters safe?

Often there is still uncertainty about whether an electric scooter is safe or not. There are not really clear rules drawn up for electric scooters in the Netherlands. One thing that is clear is that the scooters must be approved by the RDW before they are allowed on the public roads. For an electric scooter […]

How often should the electric scooter be charged?

Basically, it differs per model how often you need to recharge the electric scooter. But it can also be that after 500 times of charging, the capacity of the battery has a reduction. This means that the battery can thus reduce after about 500 times of charging. Also by riding on the road, the weight, […]

Are there differences in speed?

How fast can an electric scooter go? That is a question that is asked a lot. Since May 31, 2019, the maximum speed for electric scooters in the Netherlands has been increased to 25 km/h. To be able to ride it, you must have a valid driver’s license, which can be a car or moped […]

Steppi at TU Delft

Today we went to the Technical University in Delft to present Steppi in collaboration with NS.

Steppi in the news

The ‘e-power’ of Pim Eindhoven native launches e-step with southern neighbors Pim van de Walle (22) is working in a disciplined way towards his own international success with his company PWRDBYPIM (Powered by Pim). Last week the Eindhoven native launched the e-step Steppi to the Flemish. And there is more. Doing an internship in your […]