This is Steppi, and together we ride into the future.

Welcome to Steppi – where urban mobility meets sustainability with a playful twist. Whether you’re a tourist, expat, or a company facing mobility challenges, our high quality electric scooters, offered through daily and monthly plans, invite everyone to embrace the city’s dynamics.

Experience the joy of stress-free urban living with our service, guaranteeing functional scooters at all times. Bid farewell to traffic jams and parking chaos.

About Steppi

Flexible, durable and cheaper

Steppi has a classic origin, on vacation in Spain Pim had his first experience with using an e-scooter as a way of transport. Back in the Netherlands Pim immediately decided to order one. Using an e-scooter turned out to be much more flexible, durable, sustainable and cheaper than using a car. So Pim sold his car and the e-scooter became his daily way of transportation. Many people in the area saw this and became very enthusiastic of the idea of using an e-scooter for daily transport. From this moment onward Pim felt the need to do something with this concept. Out of this came the first ideas to start Steppi!

“From my own experience with the E-scooters, I wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible”.

This led to a plan: To offer high quality, reliable E-scooters for daily use. For a fixed and affordable amount per month you get a Steppi and we make sure it always works. Is your Steppi broken? You can come to you store and we repair your Steppi or exchange it for a working one. In short: a problem with your Steppi is not your problem.


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