With Steppi you travel quickly, affordably and carefree throughout Europe.

Steppi has a classic origin. On vacation in Spain I first encountered the electric scooter as a means of transportation. Back in the Netherlands I immediately ordered a scooter. The use of a scooter turned out to be much more flexible, durable and cheaper than a car. For this reason I sold my car and the scooter became my daily means of transportation. Because many people in the area became very enthusiastic, the need arose to do something with the concept of E-steps and from here the first ideas about Steppi were born.

Stijn op Steppi 17-09-2020 1

From my own fine experience with the E-step, I wanted to share this experience with as many people as possible. This led to a plan: To offer high quality, reliable E-steps for daily use. For a fixed and affordable amount per month you get a Steppi and we make sure it always works. Is your scooter broken? We will come to you within a day to repair your Steppi or exchange it for a working one. In short: a problem with your scooter is not your problem.

After a period of refurbishing and selling E-steps ourselves, Steppi has reached the point where we have designed our own scooter and the service is going to more and more cities. Steppi’s concept stands for sustainable and flexible travel, and is also very affordable for the many benefits Steppi offers. Steppi can be recognized by its iconic mint green bar, so it is always clear which Steppi’s are from Steppi and who all belong to the family. Meanwhile, more and more people are experiencing the convenience that Steppi brings. Great service, made simple.